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Introductory meeting

Phase 1

We arrange a meeting without obligation to get to know you and to hear all about your company. We listen to your wishes and questions. We work together and brainstorm the many possibilities. Once you have expressed your ideas and thoughts about your project, we will follow up internally with our own brainstorming session. This results in a few proposals and plans that are put together on a computer by our team at the office.

Presentation materials

Phase 2

Subsequently, the material choices for the design are developed on mood boards by our team at the office, resulting in a beautiful collage of images, colour and material proposals for walls and floors, fabrics and decoration. Only when we are 100% behind the material choices we have made together do we draw up a detailed, definitive 2D or 3D virtual design for you.

de Projectgroep
de Projectgroep

Virtual design

Phase 3

Your wishes are processed with our ideas and suggestions and put in the computer. This requires time, expertise and drive – and lots of it – but the result is clear and well-organised and always speaks for itself. We then arrange a follow-up appointment so we can present our proposals and action plan to you.


Phase 4

As soon as you give us the final go ahead, the wheels will really start to turn. Working closely with you, the schedule for implementation is set up. This will ensure your company experiences as little inconvenience as possible. We stay in touch with you and keep you updated on a day-to-day basis, and you will only have one point of contact who coordinates everything for you – regardless of how many disciplines and specialists are required for your project. Completion by De Projectgroep is guaranteed within a few days to a week.

de Projectgroep
de Projectgroep

The end result

Phase 5

The end result is of course the most important thing; after all, that’s what we’re all doing it for. Up to and including a new name, new logo and, for example, your own printed tableware. We will set the tables out for you with beautiful glassware and napkins. While decoration on the walls and beautiful flowers and plants will, of course, not be lacking. We keep what you want, supplemented with beautiful accents to provide atmosphere. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied and the result is exactly how you want it.

The Art of Creation

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