Time and handmade mood boards

Time and handmade mood boards

Time is a beautiful and elusive concept. Lately, many people have little of it.

Taking too little time for all sorts of things does not ultimately benefit anything... including everyone's personal health. A calm body gives a calm head. And that is what you need to feel good about yourself and to be able to be creative and inspiring.

The summer period is a perfect time to recharge your batteries and to reflect. This is how we want to show you how #deprojectgroep approaches every assignment and every new project with full dedication and time.

As soon as the briefing is given, the wheels start turning internally and our teams get to work with words, styles, colours, materials, tones, shades, forms and combinations.

An important part of all our presentations are the handmade mood boards with the colours and materials we propose. This way, each proposal is clear and tangible for our client without any possible surprises afterwards. That is why we take all the time we need for our work and why every assignment is unique and our work so fascinating!

August 2022

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