Chique O Latte

Chique O Latte

A new branch of the special chocolate café concept, ChiqueOLatte, officially opened its doors in Luxembourg at the end of 2019. Collaboration with owner, Suleyman Gogüs, saw us deliver a true paradise for coffee, organic tea and chocolate fans.

ChiqueOLatte chocolate is made by chocolate makers using the bean-to-bar concept. In addition, all the chocolate has a high cocoa percentage and uses natural sugars. Everything is about the experience in the chocolate cafes specially designed by ChiqueOLatte. Pure scent marketing, taste sensations and colours are coordinated.

This includes a unique interior concept
Keijsers Interiors took care of the production and assembly of the attractive interior concept for ChiqueOLatte. The welcoming booths shaped like small houses, the luxurious presentation cases, and the chocolate mould wall are typical of this unique interior concept. The contemporary, authentic and playful look & feel means the interior contributes to the seduction of new coffee, tea and chocolate fans.

The experience is complete. We are proud of our collaboration with ChiqueOLatte and wish Gogüs and his team the best of luck.

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